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Top 30 Mergers and Acquisitions Firms in 2024

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on the top 30 mergers and acquisitions firms of 2024. In this article, you’ll get an in-depth look at 10 of the leading players in this competitive field. These institutions are shaping the world of business economics and financial services. With their vast resources, sophisticated analytics, and expert consultants, they create opportunities for investment banking and private equity alike.

1. Goldman Sachs Group

With a reputation for excellence in investment banking, Goldman Sachs has been a dominant player in mergers and acquisitions. With vast financial markets experience under their belt, they navigate complex transactions like a well-oiled machine. The combination of corporate finance know-how and an extensive network of multinational corporations makes them a go-to for many businesses.

2. J.P. Morgan

J.P. Morgan does not just survive in this cut-throat field; it thrives. High-profile M&As are part of J.P. Morgan’s brand DNA. With its strategic management skills honed over centuries, it is capable of offering tailored solutions to corporations looking to merge or acquire, leveraging its vast financial capital to seal the deal.

3. Morgan Stanley

This notable investment banking giant continually proves its worth in managing important M&A deals worldwide. Combining its extensive knowledge on legal aspects surrounding M&A with banks’ prowess, Morgan Stanley navigates business ownership transitions efficiently and handles institutional investors elegantly.

4. Bank of America Merrill Lynch

The merger between Bank of America and Merrill Lynch created a powerful entity that commands respect in the M&A world. With analytics as their powerful tool and a robust management consulting arm, they have perfected procuring best-value outcomes for companies seeking growth through mergers or acquisitions.

5. Citigroup Inc.

Citigroup Inc. has proven to be a dynamo in the M&A area of investment banking. With its corporate jargon, finely tuned through many deal-making processes, Citigroup engages in critical banking activities and vital financial services, making it a preferred partner for corporations and private entities alike.

6. Deutsche Bank AG

This German banking giant has spread its wings globally to offer a wide range of financial services, with mergers and acquisitions being one of its core specialties. Deutsche Bank AG brings together the immense resources of a global bank and the expertise of a seasoned M&A consultant to offer unmatched service for major business players.

7. KPMG Corporate Finance

As one of the “Big Four” accounting firms, KPMG is not only extremely adept at valuation but also holds a deep understanding of M&A’s intricate dynamics. With their wealth management skills finely honed over the decades, KPMG Corporate Finance assists companies in structuring lucrative deals that maximize their investment potential.

8. CMB International Capital Corporation Limited

Based in Hong Kong and backed by China Merchants Bank, CMB International Capital Corporation Limited is a rising star in Asia’s economic spectrum. They have successfully conducted several high-profile M&As signifying their mighty presence in the corporate finance field, making them a noteworthy contender among financial services companies.

9. Credit Suisse Group AG

When it comes to managing mergers and acquisitions, Credit Suisse doesn’t simply assist; they ace it flawlessly. This Swiss multinational corporation provides asset management and financial advisory services, creaming off competition with their keen eye for opportunity matched with expert data-aided predictions.

10. Ernst and Young Global

Lastly, Ernst and Young Global (EY) ranks amongst the top echelon of M&A service providers. As part of the Big Four consulting firms, EY brings expertise from various sectors, covering due diligence to deal closure, making them a favourable partner for corporations seeking M&A solutions in an ever dynamic economy.

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11. PricewaterhouseCoopers Corporate Finance

As a member of the elite Big Four accounting firms, PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) is a trusted name in the world of mergers and acquisitions (M&As). Particularly, PwC’s Corporate Finance division prides itself on its strong global network and broad industry expertise.

12. Barclays Capital

With roots dating back to the late 17th century, Barclays is undoubtedly one of the oldest and most enduring players in the finance game. Barclays Capital, its investment banking arm, is renowned for providing comprehensive financial advisory services including M&As to businesses worldwide.

13. Rothschild & Co

Renowned for managing wealth of royal families and governments for over two centuries, Rothschild & Co brings unparalleled experience to the table when handling mergers and acquisitions. The multinational corporation has a reputation for keeping clients’ interests at heart, focusing on significantly adding financial value rather than just volume-driven transactions.

14. UBS Group AG

A leader in wealth management, Swiss-based UBS Group AG also demonstrates solid proficiency in the field of mergers and acquisitions. It is deemed a reliable partner for complex transactions due to its expansive banking network, unique sector strategies, and strong transaction execution capabilities. UBS’ approach is holistic as it addresses even ancillary matters like asset management and personal finance that remarkably influence M&A decisions.

15. Nomura Holdings Incorporated

As Japan’s largest investment bank, Nomura Holdings Incorporated has a rich history of handling M&A transactions in Asia as well as on an international scale. Its deep insights into the Asian markets make it particularly beneficial for clients looking to enter or expand within this region. Nomura is also quite adept at dealing with private equity dynamics in M&A scenarios.

16. HSBC Holdings plc

You are sure to have come across the globally recognized brand HSBC Holdings plc. Known for its dedicated M&A teams centered around industry sectors and strategic objectives, HSBC showcases detailed understanding of different markets and economies which can deliver successful transactions in most sectors across financial services.

17. Lazard

Built upon a foundation of intellectual rigor and integrity, Lazard is another top name in mergers and acquisitions. As an independent investment bank, Lazard has the quality of delivering unbiased advice backed by its own unique perspective which could make a marked difference to your proposed M&A operations.

18. Evercore Partners Inc.

A relatively young yet impactful player in finance is the boutique firm Evercore Partners Inc.. With a consistent drive for excellence, Evercore’s M&A strategies are designed with strategic, operational and financial factors in mind. Indeed, business economy gets its dues attention here!

19. China International Capital Corporation

China International Capital Corporation (CICC) is a notable investment bank that emerges from China’s competitive financial markets. CICC’s M&A practice draws upon vast experiences in cross-border deals and deep knowledge of Chinese market to facilitate potential growth for clients.

20. BMO Capital Markets

Rounding off the list is BMO Capital Markets. A part of the Canadian multinational banking giant, Bank of Montreal (BMO), the firm offers comprehensive financial advisory services including M&As to its clients across North America, Europe, and Asia. Leveraging substantial expertise in corporate finance, BMO provides strategic insights considering credit risks and partner firms views that substantially help successful transaction closures.

21. Duff & Phelps Corporation

Founded in 1932, Duff & Phelps is an established global consulting company that provides advice on mergers and acquisitions (M&A). In fact, it’s been recognized as the top fairness opinion advisor for U.S. transactions several times this decade. One of its key differentiators is its exceptional ability to deliver comprehensive, integrated solutions to complex business problems.

22. Houlihan Lokey

Houlihan Lokey has been standing tall in the M&A realm since its formation in 1970. To say they’re well-versed in all aspects of corporate finance is an understatement – they offer expertise in mergers and acquisitions, capital markets, financial restructurings, valuation, and strategic consulting. With an undisputed reputation for generating optimal outcomes for clients irrespective of market conditions, they’ve consistently ranked among the premier M&A advisors for deals under $5 billion.

23. Allen & Company

Allen & Company banks on its extensive network and strong background in technology and media when advising clients on mergers and acquisitions. For over nine decades, the private investment firm has flown under the radar while assisting some of the industry’s biggest deals – Facebook’s acquisition of WhatsApp and Google’s purchase of YouTube being two examples. Although their client list leans heavily into media and tech companies, they’ve also done some impressive work with finance, retail, and other sectors.

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24. Centerview Partners

Experiencing rapid growth since its inception in 2006, Centerview Partners has emerged as a formidable player in the M&A space. This boutique investment banking firm earns distinction by providing independent advice on mergers, acquisitions, financial restructurings, and other business matters to major multinational corporations. Leaning on their vast industry expertise and longstanding relationships, they’ve managed over $3 trillion in advisory transactions.

25. Moelis & Company

Regarded as one of the most successful boutique M&A advisors of the past decade, Moelis & Company has developed a stellar global reputation since they burst onto the scene in 2007. They offer prime M&A services alongside comprehensive counseling on recapitalizations, restructurings, capital markets, and more. Credit their top-notch team for the firm’s high client satisfaction ratings and ability to serve virtually every industry sector with aplomb.

26. Greenhill & Co

Greenhill & Co is another notable inclusion in this listicle. Since being founded by veteran M&A advisor Robert F. Greenhill in 1996, the independent investment bank has gained acclaim for advising on significant merger and acquisition deals worldwide. Their modest size belies an astonishing reach; providing undivided attention, trusted advice with no internal conflicts of interest — simply quality service from a dedicated team that knows its craft inside out.

27. Piper Sandler Companies

Founded in 1895, Piper Sandler has been a stable and reliable fixture in the M&A landscape for more than a century. The Minneapolis-based investment bank and institutional securities firm are largely focused on serving middle-market corporations, private equity groups, and public entities. Through its dedication to delivering high-quality advice on mergers, acquisitions, public offerings, institutional brokerage, and investment management, Piper Sandler has solidified its reputation as one of the leading M&A advisory firms across North America.

28. MJ Hudson Group

MJ Hudson stands out as a multi-jurisdictional financial services provider for alternatives. Since 2010, it has been rendering robust support to clients through every stage of the fund life cycle including Mergers & Acquisitions. The service provider is known to operate as a single global team, giving you seamless access to their experts irrespective of their physical location. With offices in Europe and North America, you’ll benefit from a wide geographic reach and a deep understanding of the local regulatory environment.

29. RBC Capital Markets

RBC Capital Markets is an esteemed global investment bank primarily serving corporate, institutional and government clients through offices across all major international financial centers. They offer expert advice in areas that include debt and equity origination and distribution, investment research, mergers and acquisitions, foreign exchange, commodities futures, energy sales and trading among others. Their market leadership position is evident in their impressive league table standings across multiple sectors every year.

30. Macquarie Group Limited

Last but certainly not least on this list is Macquarie Group Limited – a global financial services group headquartered in Sydney, Australia. Macquarie’s main business focus is asset management and development; however, their advisory arm is no less prominent. On the M&A front, this group has been part of numerous landmark transactions across a variety of sectors.

The Final Analysis

High-caliber expertise, industry knowledge, customer service, and operational excellence are some of the carefully considered factors in selecting these top 30 firms. These financial titans have proven time and again that their advice and actions lead to the successful culmination of countless M&A deals. Whether you’re a multinational corporation or a burgeoning start-up, these firms can provide invaluable support during transformative periods.