Solar Panels Can Save Up To 40% On Your Energy Bill

SolarThe government is incentivising homeowners to install solar panels in order to hit the renewable energy targets for the UK. To hit these targets there needs to be 10 million UK homes with solar panels before 2020. The types of incentives being offered are savings on energy bills and tax free earnings.

It’s rumoured that these incentives will soon stop as the benefits of solar are so great that it pays for itself very quickly. This is due to large savings on energy bills and the low price of solar installation.

Experts advise you to install solar sooner rather than later, as at the moment you can still receive the generous incentives from the government.

Once your solar panels have been installed, you ‘lock-in’ your guaranteed payments from the government, regardless of what happens to the tariff in the future, for the next 20 years.

What are the benefits of solar?

The benefits of solar panel installation are wide ranging, here’s 5 reasons why you should definitely get solar panels:

  • Save 40% on your energy bills per year
  • Earn £14,000 from the Government feed-in tariff
  • Don’t rely on large energy companies – generate your own electricity
  • Run a greener household – doing your bit for the environment
  • Estate agents now say that solar panels add value to homes

How to get solar panels

Installing solar panels is a quick and easy process, providing you choose the right installer. The best way to find the right solar panel installer is to look on a comparison site. UK Solar Compare finds the most suitable installer for you by comparing all the installers in your local area.

UK Solar Compare’s online comparison tool is the quick and easy way to check solar panel eligibility for your area and to get a quote


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