Multi-Billion Pound Secret, Used By Banks & Debt Agencies To Make Money, Exposed

Scheme with “jaw-dropping” profitability revealed

debtIf you haven’t heard yet, right now there’s a huge uproar within the UK finance industry.

After a recent investigation, it turns out billions of pounds of overdue credit card debt, owed by everyday Brits, has been sold off by banks to debt agencies for as much as a 90% discount. 

This means debt agencies are paying as little as £1 for every £10 owed by British credit card users.

Some are buying £10 million worth of debt for as little as £1m.

These debt agencies collect the overdue credit card debt from customers and pocket the difference between what they paid for the debt and what they recover – generating millions in profit.

An industry insider described the profitability of this system as “jaw-dropping”. They’re making a fortune.

It’s hard to believe this goes on behind the scenes. Or is it?

As it turns out, banks are happy to sell credit card debt for such a heavy discount to debt agencies because they want money now rather than later, especially if customers are behind with their payments.

Because of this, debt agencies are making huge stacks of money.

How you can cash in on this trend

An innovative new website, called, is now making the same type of debt available for anyone to buy and profit from. sources heavily discounted debt in the same way as the agencies and makes it available for the public to buy.

All you have to do is know about their service, head over to their website, input your details, and you can buy debt for 90% less than its face value.

Meaning, you can pay just £1 for every £10 worth of debt.

The best part is, they have their own agents that collect the debt on your behalf. You just buy debt, sit back, and watch the money come in. It’s that simple.

So, for every £1 you spend purchasing debt, you can receive up to £10 back. The potential returns are staggering.

Previously, this just wasn’t possible. Banks and debt agencies were keeping all of the money for themselves.

We found out take a small commission on the total debt recovered, which is fair enough.

“I bought £1,000 worth of debt for just £100!”

When preparing this article I set myself a goal to buy £1,000 worth of debt, so I could give their service a real-world test.

To my amazement, I only paid £100 for £1,000 worth of debt.

Later, I logged back on to discover’s agents had already recovered £211.46. This was an absolute thrill to witness.

I was already up by £111.46, and it happened much quicker than I expected.

More time has passed, and as of writing this now, the total debt collected has risen to £532.74, over £400 more than my £100 purchase, and it keeps going up.

Who knows when it will stop…’s success is borderline phenomenal, so we decided to ask their Managing Director his secret.

“It’s not complicated,” said the MD. “We give everyday people the opportunity to make money like the big financial companies do.  Our customers are smart – if you offer a service that can benefit millions of Britons and it works, it’s going to do well. That’s what we’ve done here.”

So, if you’ve got some spare cash that’s earning near zero interest sitting in your bank account, head over to’s website here.

You may be shocked at the potential returns.





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