56 Year Old Scottish Father Wins Record £3 Million Pools Jackpot

Prison Officer, Michael Elliott from Scotland, was this week announced as the winner of the biggest ever single prize on the Football Pools. All the 56-year-old father had to do for this incredible payout was predict eight 2-2 draws in the Scottish, English and Spanish leagues. A Football Pools spokesperson confirmed it is the first time in the 93-year history of the game that a single winner has scooped a payout in excess of £3 million. Mr Elliott told the Daily Mail: ‘I cannot believe Read more [...]

London Housing Market Shows Rising Bubble Risk as Asians Buy


EY stated that London homeowners have to borrow as much relative to their income in order to purchase property as they were before the economic downturn. By 2018, the Land Registry estimates the average home in London will cost around £600,000. At the moment it stands at around £404,000. Andrew Goodwin, the senior economic adviser to the EY Item Club said, “remain well below their pre-crisis peaks and there seems little danger of a bubble… But London, which is suffering from a combination Read more [...]

Michelin Chef Joins Former Banker to Sell $9 Lunchboxes


The trend of crowdfunding and crowdsourcing is growing in popularity since the birth of the internet age. Websites incorporating these methods help businesses that are too small to receive adequate financial support seek support from a large number of different contributors. Crowdsearching LLC has a research website named ‘Massolution’ that stated crowdfunding platforms managed to raise around $5.1 billion last year, When interviewed in Tokyo, Ino stated, “I am only interested in projects Read more [...]

Picasso’s Concubine Boosts Christie’s $289 Million Sale


Daniella Luxembourg, an art dealer based in London and New York said, “What mattered in this sale was the provenance of the works of art… Many were not on the market for years. Whatever was fresh to the market sold very well”. Most of the highly anticipated lots came from a private collection in Switzerland that had collected art between the 20’s- 70’s that was primarily sourced directly from artists. This auction started two weeks of events in London and is the first significant Read more [...]

Rock of Ages, Wholesale


Reuven Kaufman, who is president of the New York based Diamond Dealers Club said, “When you buy a diamond at a retail level, especially from an elegant, high-end retailer, you’re not just paying for the diamond… You’re paying for the whole ambiance that surrounds the diamond – the rent for the store, the marketing, the glitz.” Another large factor that you pay the extra cash for is the security of legitimacy in what you are buying. The wholesale diamond market might not be able to match Read more [...]