Identity Theft Criminals Have Been Stalking Americans Online And Depriving Them Of Money

CC1A new wave of Internet crime has swept the nation. Millions of Americans have had their personal details taken from a variety of privately controlled databases and communication systems (including webcams), and now that information is being used by criminals to obtain loans, bank accounts and cash illegally under the names of the victims without them even knowing about it.

Over the last few years, it has become much easier for digital criminals to obtain the personal details of millions of Americans online. By using a combination of publicly available records, email addresses, social networks such as Facebook and LinkedIn, and accessing data collected via other websites, criminals can piece together enough information to apply for a loan, mortgage or any other financial product in your name.

It is even possible for them to hack into your webcam. This enables a headshot photograph to be taken for use in the production of counterfeit government identification documents.

Once they have obtained the loans and finance they then pocket the cash and disappear – leaving the victim with a destroyed credit rating and a huge financial mess to clean up.

Luckily for Americans, makes it easy and quick to detect such illegal activity before it escalates into a much more serious problem.

If you are a victim of identity crime the service will reveal specific details of the financial products illegally issued under your name. When using the service, many are surprised to find unauthorized loans, mortgages and credit cards taken out in their name.

In as little as 2 minutes, consumers can easily find out if criminals have used their name to obtain huge sums of money illegally – the best part is anyone over the age of 18 can use the service. 


How serious is identity theft?

Being a victim of identity theft can make life very difficult. It can block your access to credit completely (meaning your bank cards could suddenly stop working) and cause the interest rates you pay on those essential mortgage and credit card bills to skyrocket. In turn, this could wipe out your disposable income overnight, make it hard to manage your finances and even potentially lead to your car or home being repossessed.  And no one wants that to happen.

How to check your credit score

To help consumers protect themselves, have created a service that enables Americans to access their credit report within a matter of minutes and discover if there is any unwanted financial activity going on – for free.

So, if you would like financial peace of mind, just click here to access their site.



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