How To Pay Just Pennies For Brand New Products

iPad5If you like shopping online, you’ll be used to the endless stream of disappointing ‘deals’ and ‘sales’ pushed in front of you by retailers every day. They just never quite turn out to be the bargains they claim to be.

Very few outlets offer extremely low prices on premium products, and even fewer make the experience of purchasing them fun and entertaining.

Well, there are still some amazingly good deals to find out there that’ll save you heaps of money – but they only exist on a handful of websites. One such retailer is a new online auction website called QuiBids who have worked out a way to sell you must-have products at prices that are so low, you won’t believe your eyes.

Their product range is extensive and includes some of the most sought-after consumer items available. Examples are Apple devices – iPads, iPhones and MacBooks – to HD televisions, Nikon cameras and even jewellery and gift cards to premium retailers. To name a few recent sale prices for items like this, a brand new Apple iPad recently sold for $31.77, a Sony VAIO laptop recently sold for for $28.77, and a LG 50″ HD television recently sold for $25.37.

With such insanely low prices, it’s natural to be skeptical – so we did some research to learn exactly how they make this possible.

Amazingly, we can confirm the deals are very real indeed. To understand how this works, you first need to know what an Entertainment Auction is. This auction model is different to traditional online auction formats such as eBay; every time a bid is placed a charge of a few cents is made to their customers. Added up, these small individual charges amount to quite a lot. This enables them to sell an item that costs hundreds – or even thousands of dollars – for no more than thirty or forty bucks. Simply put, the retail prices they charge are by far the lowest available online.

We decided to enter a couple of auctions – one of which was for a MacBook Pro – to find out how easy it is to participate. Every time a customer bids, the auction is extended by no more than 20 seconds, and the last person who placed a bid when the clock time reaches zero receives the right to purchase the item at the discounted price.

After 10-15 minutes, we actually managed to secure the winning bid – which was a huge thrill. It stopped at just under fifty dollars, $48.79, which is how much we ended up paying for a brand new MacBook Pro. While you get a big buzz from winning an auction, strategizing over when to bid and how many bids to place is also huge fun.

CEO Matt Beckham said that they are growing incredibly fast, and that their number of customers now reaches into the millions. “This is a new type of shopping that appeals to a mass audience. Consumers expect more when they shop these days and QuiBids offers that,” he said.

For an auction winner, the true cost of the item purchased is slightly higher than the final price the auction ended with because the auction winner would have spent a few dollars bidding several times in the auction. Typically this amount is fairly modest, so when both elements are added up, customers on average save around 75% – 85%.

For those who participate in an auction and don’t win, they are able use a ‘Buy Now’ feature to purchase the product at a discounted rate, which is the listed price minus the value of the bids they have placed. This basically means the auctions are a no-loss proposition, which is pretty amazing.

So, if you are looking to save up to 90% on items such as a brand new iPad for $32.39, a Samsung HD TV for $37.06 or a Canon Rebel T3i Camera bundle for $27.35, check out QuiBids today.

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