Homeland Is Secretly Preparing For The Next Crisis. “Severe Food Shortages Likely”.

PS2It’s official. Obama’s Executive Order 16303 now gives the government total martial law powers over the population in an emergency. Even in peacetime.

This law allows them to erase your right to bear arms, throw your family into prison without a trial and even confiscate your food stockpiles. It’s the end of the constitution…as we know it.

There is a reason why they are doing this….and in just a minute you’ll understand why. And the facts we’re about to expose will reveal that the “emergency” they are so concerned about is not only probable it’s likely to hit in the next 8-10 months or less.

There are 4 KEY EVENTS taking place behind the scenes in the U.S. that are threatening our very existence. These 4 Events are poised to collide in the near future, causing a chain of events that will end society as we know it. When this “perfect storm” hits it will force the government to ration all private food supplies.

Fact 1: 26 ONCE BUSTLING American Cities are now BANKRUPT for the first time in U.S. History.

Fact 2: Germany, Switzerland and Denmark are in the process of pulling ALL of their gold OUT of the United States.

Fact 3: Warren Buffet, John Paulson and numerous other billionaires are now dumping U.S. stocks as fast as they can sell them.

Fact 4: Russia, China and Brazil are moving quickly towards creating a new central bank with one purpose: to REPLACE the U.S. dollar.

Paul Krugman of the New York Times recently said: “We are now, I fear, in the early stages of a third depression. It will probably look more like the Long Depression only far more severe”.

The reason is simple. Our debts have run completely out of control. Easy money being printed since 2006 have dug a hole of debt 16 trillion dollars deep.

This is a debt the nation mathematically cannot ever climb their way out of. And the world knows it. China and Japan have already abandoned the dollar for trade purposes.

Major EU Countries such as Germany and Switzerland are replacing their U.S. holdings with gold. They know that we are at the point of no return for our financial system.

When China officially pulls out of the U.S. treasuries or even just announces their intention to do so, investors will start shorting the dollar en masse. As a result, The Feds will be forced to print the dollar into oblivion. Causing everything from food to gas, to prescription drugs to become completely unaffordable. That’s when the next major problem will face us… hunger.

Most don’t realize it, but our food supply is already treading on very thin ice. Severe droughts around the world have all but ravaged supplies of corn, soy and other major crops.

The heat is also drying up the Ogallala aquifer. A loss that will put an end to the water source every major farmer in the U.S. needs to stay in business. The below graph demonstrates how all the reckless money printing at the Fed is affecting our food prices.


Every time they announce another qualitative easing you’ll notice a major spike. That’s happening because all the money that the Feds are printing, is going into the hands of speculative traders who invest in commodities like grain and soy. This causes the prices of these essential items to skyrocket even higher.

U.S. Supermarkets now only carry a two week supply of food. Which means we have no safety net should things get bad. You may not realize it but the problems without our food supply have already surfaced. You just need to know where to look.

Notice that we’re seeing packages on our favorite groceries shrinking by as much as 15% on everything from cheese to soda to Snackers Crackers…with prices staying the same.

Notice that we see 46 million Americans already unable to afford food. That includes one fifth of all children in the U.S. They are propped up by a Food Stamp program our bankrupt government can no longer afford.

Fact is, if oil prices rose just 50% in the face of the U.S. dollar being dumped by foreign powers, which is very likely, the entire system will freeze. Because ALL of our food relies on oil… from food processing to the very trucks which transport our food. Can you imagine what would happen if this house of cards came down? Total chaos.

More: Just how bad can a food shortage crisis get? (watch this video to learn more.)  

We asked US Navy Seal collaborator and survival expert Matt Stevens what will happen when store shelves are no longer stocked with food.

“It will be a disaster” he said. “Just imagine your entire neighbourhood turned into a war zone, with once middle class families, begging stealing, and fighting to the death over a mouldy piece of bread… looters going from store to store and door to door.”

Stevens said that even in the highly unlikely scenario that this impending food shortage crisis will be avoided, it is crucial for the average American citizen to learn the basic tactics of survival. This will give them the means necessary to get through the worst period of the crisis.

“Even spending just a small amount of time learning the basics can boost you and your family’s chances of survival from near zero up by 94%” another survival expert said. With that in mind, it’s not worth taking the risk of avoiding to learn these tactics in the hope they will never be needed.

So what are these survival skills? 

Fortunately, Matt Stevens has taken the time to prepare a video presentation in which he takes you through all of the basic survival skills and knowledge that you will need.

In the video, you will learn about preparation and organisation, how to source food and water, the ways to protect yourself and your family, and how everyday items can mean the difference between life and death. Click here to watch the video now.



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