Abuse and injustice in Bangladesh’s shrimp industry


The report, ‘Impossibly Cheap: Abuse & Injustice in Bangladesh’s Shrimp Industry’ lists examples of poor working conditions in the country, which is in the top 10 exporters of shrimp globally. Incidents of health & safety violations, low wages, lack of payment, dangerous working conditions, child labour, verbal abuse, extremely long hours and restriction on Union activity have been recorded. The report also discusses the huge and fast expansion of the shrimping industry due to a Read more [...]

Global Trade Agreements: Unstoppable, Or Being Stopped?


The ongoing trend of proliferating bilateral and multilateral trade agreements has entered into a new stage with Japan’s decision to join the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) negotiations and the launch of negotiations between the EU and the US to reach a comprehensive trade and investment agreement (TAFTA | TTIP). On top of that, the EU and Japan also started negotiating a bilateral trade agreement in April 2013. Due to their sheer size, these trade blocs have the potential for significant economic Read more [...]

Is Shale Gas Greener?


The chief scientific adviser at the Department of Energy and Climate Change, David Mackay, published a report in September looking intricately at the impact of shale gas on our emissions of greenhouse gasses. The report concluded that shale gas, acquired by fracking (which involves blasting shale rock with high pressure water and chemicals in order to fracture the rock and released trapped gas) could have less damaging carbon levels than liquefied natural gas and other gas imports. The emissions Read more [...]

Obama Tax Rhetoric on Offshore Profit Falls Shy of Action


Corporate tax avoidance is a huge issue being dealt with globally by the US and other major economies. The issue has become particularly prominent in the UK & France, which the US government thinks will interfere with it collecting taxes from US companies. Because these companies will be under European regulatory bodies, they will pay their taxes here, which rubs Obama’s administration the wrong way. Catherine Schultz, the Vice President for tax policy at the National Foreign Trade Council Read more [...]

The Peak Oil Crisis: The Search for Cheap, Clean Energy


The mainstream media recently ignored four of the main companies working on commercial products in this area reported their progress publicly. Most people who have been watching the new energy story develop for years will be aware of this notion. CNN- Money TV recently attended a presentation from BlackLight Power in New Jersey for just 70 people. You can watch this two-hour presentation here: http://www.blacklightpower.com/whats-new/. CNN then ran a short segment on BlackLight’s points. Read more [...]